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Waterfront and Seaside House Plans

About these plans

What is a Waterfront style house plan? Above all else, a Waterfront home takes advantage of its location, affording rich views and ready access to the beach or resident coast. As such, style is a fluid proposition when conceiving of your Waterfront property. Beach, Costal, and Hamptons-style homes certainly fit the bill, being tuned to the structural needs but also the casual vibe of waterfront living. With their impressive floor-to-ceiling windows and harmonious relationship to the environment, Contemporary plans present another intriguing possibility. Meanwhile, a wide or wraparound porch, rear deck, lanais, and/or second story balcony are ell easily appended to a more traditional style of home. • Plentiful access to outdoors, porches, balconies • Large windows • Eclectic style • Interior fashioned for casual living

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