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Victorian House Plans

About these plans

What is a Victorian style house plan? Housing and construction boomed during the reign of Queen Victoria, and the abundant remnants of that era can still be seen across the States and the Commonwealth. While the Victorian style can range from the functional terraced houses of the UK to San Francisco’s more ostentatious “Painted Ladies”, certain characteristics persist, including steep roof pitches, towers, fanciful gables, brick, shingle, or narrow-lap exteriors, bay and dormer windows, and elaborate multi-story floor plans. Such signature Victorian ornamentation and lyricism peaks with the Queen Anne style, but its essential prettiness can be scaled down or up to suit any expectation or budget. • Steep roof • Fussy gables • Turrets and towers • Brick, shingle, narrow-lap exterior • Bay and dormer windows • Asymmetry • Complex multi story floor plan • Grand staircase • Stayed glass, decorative fireplaces

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