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Two Story House Plans

About these plans

Two-story house plans offer several advantages that homeowners find appealing. More Square Footage on a smaller footprint: By having a two-story home, you can acquire additional vertical space without increasing the land footprint. This allows for more rooms, storage, or customization options since you’re working with two levels of space instead of just one. Elevated Views: Two-story homes provide an elevated view from above. If you live in an area with scenic surroundings, this elevated perspective allows you to see more of the landscape. Home plans with second floor balconies take further advantage of views. Separation of Bedrooms and Living Space: Two-story homes neatly separate bedrooms from living areas. Each level can have a different custom floor plan, which is useful for families with children or multiple residents. Aesthetic Value of Stairs: Stairs in a two-story house add aesthetic appeal and create the illusion of a larger home. A foyer in a two-story house enhances the overall visual appearance. Cost Savings: A two story home reduces the size of the foundation and the area of the roof which reduces the overall cost of construction for the equivalent area in a one story home.

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