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Tuscan House Plans

About these plans

What is a Tuscan style house plan? Deriving from the famous central region of Italy, the Tuscan style is ideal for warmer climates. Stucco exteriors, terracotta tiling on the roof and mosaic tiling on the floors all conspire to create a cooling effect, further achieved with a typically open layout, vaulted (sometimes panelled) ceilings, tall windows, and generous courtyards. Wrought iron and marble accents, along with painted stone or stucco interiors and slender Tuscan columns heighten the sense of the Mediterranean captured in a more romantic time. • Stone walls, typically stucco • Terracotta roof and floor tiles • Mosaics • Open plan, large kitchen • Vaulted or panelled ceilings, exposed wood beams • Courtyard • Wrought iron and marble accents

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