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Tudor Style House Plans

About these plans

What is a Tudor style house plan? The Mock Tudor home conjures an unmistakable sense of medieval Europe. A facade composed of decorative half-timbering starkly contrasted against white stucco is the most immediately recognizable feature, along with a heavy wood door below a rounded archway and oriel windows protruding from beneath a steeply pitched gabled roof. Windows are tall and cathedral-like, arranged in clusters, while brick accents and a proud chimney complete the effect. The aesthetic can be continued inside with wooden staircase, wainscoting, and cosmetic timber beams—although nobody’s going to be scolded for choosing a more contemporary interior! • Multi-story • Decorative timber/stucco exterior • Steeply pitched roof, shingles • Narrow, oriel, and bay windows • Brick accents, tall chimney

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