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Traditional House Plans

About these plans

What is a Traditional style house plan? Because the category is so broad, and so popular, Traditional style houses are a ubiquitous presence in urban and suburban areas. Synthesizing a range of classic and neoclassical influences—Victorian, Colonial, and Craftsman among others—Traditional homes are the counterpoint to Modern and Contemporary designs, generally offering such universal features as stucco, brick, stone or wood exteriors, columnated front porches, clean rooflines, dormers, evenly spaced windows, and all the other architectural and design virtues we associate with the middle-class boom of the ‘50s. Inside, rooms are well-defined and maximized for function and family life. In short, a Traditional home offers a deeply satisfying partnership between convention and personal taste. • Symmetry, simplicity, classical elements • Stucco, masonry, or wood exterior • Clean rooflines, front gables • Evenly-spaced windows, dormers • Functional, conventional, well-defined interior

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