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Rustic and Mountain House Plans

About these plans

What is a Rustic or Mountain style house plan? The Mountain-style home should appear to emerge from the Earth itself, with native wood and stone elements blending almost seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. Its origins are practical. As North American settlers ventured into the wild, materials needed to be acquired in situ, and so cedar and stone, often rough-hewn and heavy, was strong-armed into fantastically solid bulwarks against the rugged climate. Now an aesthetic choice, the Rustic/Mountain style accommodates regional idiosyncrasies (like the Adirondack, Pacific Northwest, Lodge, and Prairie derivations) while maintaining its basic DNA of comfort, resilience, and warmth. • Stone and wood, often unfinished • Asymmetrical, massed to fit the environment • Usually one-story or multi-level stepped • Decks and terraces • Heavy columns, beams, and rafters for extra strength

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