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Richardsonian Romanesque House Plans

About these plans

What is a Romanesque style house plan? The Gilded Age (1880-1920) produced a lot of ostentatious architecture, like the Richardsonian Romanesque style, which borrowed enthusiastically from one of antiquity’s greatest empires, particularly in its use of masonry and the wide Roman arch. Although most prominently seen in church and government buildings of the period, the Romanesque Revival also made its way into domestic life. The style is defined by sturdy, rusticated stonework, columns and ornamental pilasters, barrel-vaulted interiors, and those ubiquitous arches presiding over doorways and windows. This architectural style is named after architect Henry Hobson Richardson who was principally responsible for it's popularity. • Rusticated stone exterior • Broad arches over entrances • Patterned arches above windows • Round towers emerging from hipped roof

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