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Plantation Style House Plans

About these plans

What is a Plantation style house plan? Landowners in the pre-Civil War south paraded their wealth with stately properties that adapted the then-current Neoclassical style to the sultry heat of the Dixieland environment. The archetypal Plantation-style home was thus a square and symmetrical structure built on a raised, flood-resistant basement, embraced by a wraparound porch sectioned by tall Greek columns and winding exterior staircases. Deep roof overhangs on the outside and vaulted ceilings on the inside helped to cool the oppressively muggy air. Mint Juleps on the porch provided an optional escape from the heat. • Square, symmetrical • Wraparound porch, second floor balconies, covered porches and verandas • Greek-influenced columns, porticos • Low-pitched gabled roof

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