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Norman Style House Plans

About these plans

Norman Style House Plans draw inspiration from the architectural traditions of Normandy, a region in northern France. These elegant and timeless designs blend classic elements with modern features. Let’s explore some key characteristics of Norman-style house plans: Exterior Aesthetics: Stonework: Norman-style homes often feature stone exteriors, creating a rustic and charming appearance. Half-Timbering: Wooden beams (half-timbering) are visible on the facade, adding character and texture. Steep Roofs: Roofs have steep pitches, sometimes with multiple gables and dormers. Distinctive Details: Arched Doorways and Windows: Arches are a hallmark of Norman architecture, emphasizing elegance. Turrets and Towers: Some designs include turrets or tower-like structures, reminiscent of medieval castles. Decorative Chimneys: Elaborate chimneys with decorative brickwork enhance the visual appeal. Interior Features: Open Floor Plans: Norman-style interiors often have open layouts, connecting living spaces seamlessly. Exposed Beams: Wooden beams continue inside, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Fireplaces: Stone or brick fireplaces provide warmth and serve as focal points. Outdoor Spaces: Courtyards and Gardens: Norman homes often have charming courtyards or enclosed gardens. Covered Porches: Covered outdoor areas allow residents to enjoy the surroundings. Norman-style house plans evoke a sense of history and sophistication, making them a popular choice for homeowners seeking timeless elegance. Browse our collection of Norman style house designs and find the perfect plan for your next home today.

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