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Multi Family Plans

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The market for duplex and multi-family homes is booming, and if you’re looking to take a stylish yet constructive approach to the practical issues of density and housing, then the time to do it is now. We make it easy at House Plan Hunters with our selection of multi-family house plans and designs, perfect for any urban or suburban setting and boasting a range of appealing styles and options, all suitable for tenants, first-time buyers, young families, or retirees. Look here for the answer to your multi-family development needs, whether it’s a modest four-unit townhouse, a modern three-bedroom complex with garage, or a unique 12-unit apartment building with a ton of personality. Comfort and practicality are of paramount importance and these, naturally, are built into each of our designs, but we also pay necessary attention to those things that bring quality of life to homeowners and tenants. Open concept design, grand master suites, walk-in closets and private terraces conspire to create a deceptive sense of space in a Craftsman-styled four-unit townhouse, just one of the properties featured here at House Plan Hunters. A shrewdly designed rear walk-out basement conjures a similar impression, this time in a more economically-minded four-unit dwelling appointed with pleasing Colonial hints, while a compact-yet-comfortable townhouse meets the demands of a smaller or medium-sized lot with upstairs bed and bathrooms. Red brick exterior lends a noble aspect to a three-level six plex offering upwards of 900 square feet per unit and a daylight basement, while an eight-unit apartment catches the eye with the kind of contemporary urban style that has taken hold in recent years in most major North American cities. Grandest of all is a twelve plex intriguingly fashioned out of two staggered blocks, each three storys in height and offering apartments with one or two bedrooms. The design is further distinguished by an individual walk-up for each block. Along with laundry and storage facilities, you’ll find island kitchens, snack bar counters, walk-in pantries, and a lot more besides in our selection of multi-family home designs, tested and proven to be popular with developers across the continent. Take a look and you’ll see why, and if you need to customize—no problem. Nothing is impossible and we’re here to consult and help. We share your passion for building homes that inspire security, pride, and contentment for all.

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