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Modern House Plans

About these plans

What is a Modern style house plan? Growing in popularity after World War 2, the modern style leaned heavily on industrialized technologies and strongly favored simple function over the more ornate styles (like Victorian) that came before. It was a celebration of modernity itself, promising chic open spaces and crisp geometry, a technocratic impulse warmed with light and innovative building materials, focused on practical over aesthetic considerations while offering a sophisticated allure to its inhabitants. Its roots lie in well-known innovators whose names are familiar to all: Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, the Bauhaus school. It’s a style that dominated for over half a century, finding its ultimate expression, arguably, in mid-century modern—itself experiencing a fashionable revival—and its influence is felt to this day in the more eclectic, somewhat less formal contemporary style. • Form follows function • Open floor plans • Clean lines • Embracing new industrial technologies • Mixture of modern and traditional materials, like iron and stone • Asymmetrical, large shapes

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