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Modern Farmhouse House Plans

About these plans

What is a Modern Farmhouse home design? The traditional farmhouse is a 200-year-old staple of western living. The Modern Farmhouse style, also known as American Farmhouse style, is a sleek but cozy upgrade to this iconic and practical build. Imagine a traditional rural A-frame tricked out with contemporary details like salvaged materials, iron accents, industrial lighting, wide wood flooring, exposed beams, all of it niftily assembled into an airy space defined by its straight lines and commitment to function and space. The interior summons feelings of strength and durability. Above all, in its rejection of the more sterile aspects of contemporary design, the modern farmhouse emphasizes comfort and warmth with a touch of nostalgia, evincing a feel for rustic vintage but without delicacy or clutter. • A-frame roof and lofted spaces • Open plan interior • Emphasis on clean, straight lines, reflected in kitchen islands, cabinets, staircases • Reclaimed wood and vintage details like shiplap • Wrought iron and other metal accents • Wide wood flooring

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