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Mid Century Modern House Plans

About these plans

What is a Mid-Century Modern style house plan? Almost eighty years after its emergence in post-WW2 America, the Mid-Century Modern Style is enjoying an unprecedented comeback, exciting new homeowners with its retro-futurist sense of cool. In architectural terms, the Mid-Century Modern home was typically a flat-roofed structure, often asymmetrical, with floor-to ceiling windows extending the open living spaces into infinity (or into the well-manicured backyard, at any rate.) Leisure and the technological comforts of post-war life provided the conceptual framework. These days, the style has grown to encompass furniture and interior design with an equivalent sense of “modernity” and a taste for clean function and jazzy chic. A true classic, only improving with age. • Clean lines, asymmetrical • Stucco or other natural exterior • Floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors • Frequently split-level

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