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Mediterranean Style House Plans

About these plans

What is a Mediterranean style house plan? While the Mediterranean style can accommodate a range of distinctive regional idiosyncrasies —there are notable differences between Moroccan and Spanish Colonial architecture, for instance—certain features are a constant: red tile on a low-pitched hipped roof, stucco or stone exterior, wide arched doorways and windows, high-beamed ceiling, ceramic tiling throughout, wrought iron accents, patio and other outdoor features. Overall, a Mediterranean style home has a dual purpose: generous air-flow and pockets of shade allow you to beat the heat, while sun-drenched outdoor spaces invite you to bask like a lizard on a rock. • Spaciousness, air-flow, light • Low-pitched hipped roof, tiled • Stucco or stone exterior • Arches, big wooden doors • Ceramic floor tiling • Substantial outdoor spaces

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