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For most of us, it’s a dream that begins in childhood. We carry it with us into adulthood, like a silent and constant companion, a vision of our future, a symbol of security, warmth, and enduring satisfaction. It might have started as a fanciful doodle in the margins of a school exercise book; years later it’s on the cusp of reality. You’ve arrived. It’s time to build your home, from the ground up. You’ve made the most important and exciting decision of your life, and House Plan Hunters is here to help. We take your adventure very seriously, and we ask: what is it, exactly, that you desire? It’s not a frivolous question, since exactly is the very thing we want to provide. Here in the House Plans section of House Plan Hunters, we’re confident that our catalogue of expertly chosen plans and architectural designs, numbering more than 6000 in total, accumulated over 70-plus years of making dreams come true, will lay the foundation for the most lasting and significant investment you’ll ever make, with faithful attention given to every variation and need, catered to any style or aesthetic, and streamlined to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Whether it’s a no-nonsense but cozy starter home or a rural retreat, whether it’s Hillside Rancher or simple A-Frame with log siding, House Plan Hunters is sure to have what you need. These pre-drawn, builder-ready house designs cover the entire spectrum. Colonial, Victorian, Mediterranean, European, Southwestern, Tuscan, Craftsman—it’s all here, with features to satisfy every whim. Picture a Great Room? Stone fireplace? Spacious deck? Vaulted master salon? Islanded kitchen? Two car garage? Nothing is unreasonable or out of bounds, from a chalet with a gabled roof to a split level design cleverly optimized for a small or medium-sized lot. Naturally, practical matters require the utmost attention, and House Plan Hunters is committed to making every important detail a reality. Basement and laundry-rooms, multiple bed and bathrooms, storage and other flexible spaces—any element or feature can be customized to meet your requirements. And that’s where we add even more value. Our customer residential design and modification service can help with any design tweak, big or small, and our team is ready and waiting. It’s time to commence the passage from intention to reality. Your journey starts here.

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