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Hillside Rancher House Plans

About these plans

Hillside rancher house plans are specifically designed for properties situated on rugged terrain, sloping lots, or hillside building sites. These plans take into account the unique challenges posed by the landscape and offer practical solutions. Here are some key features of hillside rancher house plans: Sloping Lot Adaptation: Hillside house plans are also known as sloping lot plans. They are tailored to fit properties with either a sharp or steady incline. The design accounts for the natural slope of the land. Partially Exposed Basements or Crawlspace Foundations: Many hillside rancher plans incorporate partially exposed basements or crawlspaces. This allows for lighter, brighter lower levels and often includes walkout basements. Homeowners can take advantage of the slope to create additional living space or storage areas. Generous Room Sizes: Despite the smaller footprint, many hillside rancher house plans often feature generous room sizes. Open-concept layouts and well-proportioned rooms cater to modern living preferences. Welcoming Porches: Some designs include welcoming porches, allowing homeowners to enjoy outdoor spaces while taking in the views from their hillside location. Whether you’re looking for a chalet-style retreat in the mountains or a classic Cape Cod design, there’s a hillside rancher plan to suit your needs. Browse our collection of Hillside Rancher plans and find the perfect house plans for your next project today.

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