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Gothic Revival House Plans

About these plans

What is a Gothic Revival house plan? It’s an evocative word, gothic, conjuring images of tall spires looming above dark Transylvanian forests or towering medieval cathedrals dominating the skylines of great European cities. The Gothic Revival of the 19th century appeared in homage to that exalted style, representing a deliberate turn from the classical Greek and Roman influences dominating architecture at the time. In North America, the Gothic Revival was adopted for institutional settings like colleges and prisons, but it was popular with homeowners too. Think of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, with its pointed arches, dormer windows, steeply pitched roof and ornately carved vergeboards giving a frilly appearance to front-facing gables. Meanwhile, towers, parapets, and elaborate tracery windows made their way into Gothic Revival-styled churches. For those looking for a touch of old world romanticism, it remains an archetypal look that can be smuggled into the design of any modern home. • Board-and-batten or clapboard exterior • Verticality, asymmetry • Pointed doorway and window arches, dormers • Elaborately decorated roof gables

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