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Gambrel Style House Plans

About these plans

A Gambrel style house plan features a distinctive roof design characterized by two slopes on each side, creating a barn-like appearance. Here are some key points about Gambrel style house plans: Roof Design: The hallmark of a Gambrel roof is its double-pitched shape, with steeper upper slopes and shallower lower slopes. The upper slopes often have a steeper pitch than the lower ones, creating more interior space on the upper floor. The roof resembles a traditional barn roof, making it visually appealing and unique. Interior Space: Gambrel roofs maximize usable space within the home. The upper floor typically has more headroom due to the steeper pitch, allowing for larger rooms or additional living areas. Bedrooms, playrooms, or home offices are commonly located on the upper level. Architectural Features: Gambrel style homes often include charming details like dormer windows, cupolas, and decorative trim. The exterior may feature stone accents, craftsman-style elements, and an arched front porch. Optional Lower Level: Some Gambrel house plans offer an optional lower level, which can significantly increase living space. The lower level might include a family room, game room, wet bar, exercise room, and additional bedrooms. Browse our collection of Gambrel style house plans.

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