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Farmhouse Style House Plans

About these plans

What is a Farmhouse style house plan? At the root of the Farmhouse, modern or otherwise, is practicality and good sense. More a state of mind than any formal set of components, the Farmhouse originated as the rural domicile for early settlers. As such, it was built from readily available materials, whether that was stone or wood, and relied on the expertise imported by immigrant populations, resulting in a variety of construction methods drawn from across Europe, or sometimes aping dominant styles of the period like Victorian or Colonial. In all cases, the structure had to meet the limitations of both funds and labor, which in turn manifested into the elegant simplicity that now defines the Farmhouse in the minds of modern homeowners. If there’s a style, then columned porches and horizontal siding have held over to become a fixed aesthetic feature on the outside, together with unostentatious doors and windows, while rustic simplicity is found in interior layout, fixtures, and decor. It’s these uncomplicated virtues that have prompted the rather agreeable migration of the Farmhouse into the city. • Pragmatic and efficient design • Porch and/or mud room • Horizontal siding

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