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English Country House Plans

About these plans

What is a English Country style house plan? The English Country home is as old as western civilization itself, deriving from the impressive properties inhabited by Britain’s ruling class from feudal times until now. As such, it has accommodated a wide range of traditional styles, fashions, and new technologies over the centuries. Some aspects, however, remain fixed. Clad in brick, stone, or stucco, with shingled roofs, and often boasting handsome bay windows below and proud dormers above—sometimes even a turret!—a certain rural grandiosity makes the English Country home immediately recognizable in the more upscale neighborhoods of modern Western cities. Inside is strictly defined but grandly detailed. Hardwood flooring, elaborate cabinetry, wainscotting—anything that lends a sense of old world prosperity is key to the English County home. For new owners, the style invites the use of high-end materials; one might be inspired to source reclaimed rustic brick; to install a black granite fireplace or bluestone porch; or to design an elaborate stepped garden landscaped with limestone and granite. • Traditional, Old World, refined • Stone, stucco, or brick exterior • Shingled roof • High quality interior materials and detailing • Grand but not opulent or ostentatious

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