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Duplex House Plans

About these plans

Among the primary challenges facing the modern homeowner are density, affordability, and the efficient use of space, not least of all when we plan for a growing family. A single family dwelling might be an uncomfortable stretch financially, but a duplex or multi-family home can offer a tremendously versatile answer to a modest or slim lot size, particularly for ever-growing urban and suburban populations. A side-by-side Craftsman-style duplex featured here in the Duplex and Multi-family Plans section of House Plan Hunters presents the perfect illustration of what’s possible. An open layout, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room and unfinished basement can easily accommodate the average-sized family with comfort and space to spare, while each unit features its own single car garage. Also included in our Duplex Plans section, a four unit townhouse reveals what’s possible with a design fully optimized for economic multi-family development needs. A three-story townhouse opens up yet more possibilities, featuring eight individual two-bedroom units, clad with brick siding that would attract the eye of any fashionable urbanite in the market for a solid but sturdy new build. The Traditional, American, and Craftsman styles predominate, but you’ll find here an eclectic variety of duplex and multi-family plans, from Colonial, European and Farmhouse to Mediterranean, Prairie, and Spanish Revival—although that’s not all! And House Plans Hunters makes it easy to zero in on the specific features that count. You’ll find kitchens with snack bar islands and walk-in pantries; secluded master bedrooms boasting private decks; whirlpool tubs; skylights; walk-out basements; fireplaces; bay-windows; niches—it’s all here, while an array of additional extensions sweetens the picture with patios, sundecks, covered rear porches and more. If there’s anything missing or if you can’t find the perfect fit, then just let us know. Modifications are easy and we’re on standby to help. In the race for economical and attractive properties maximized for multi-family use in an ever-tougher market, House Plan Hunters offers nothing but solutions.

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