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Country Style House Plans

About these plans

What is a Country style house plan? Does anything placate the soul like a soft evening breeze circling a wide, wraparound porch? The dream home sitting pretty on every small-town American street is what we mean by Country style, where Cabin and Farmhouse meet in a spacious, nostalgic interzone maximized for good living. That wide porch is flanked by decorative shuttered windows, dormers peering from the steep gabled roof above, shaded by deep eaves, overlooking a generous front yard. Walk inside and there’s an open plan living area yielding to a spacious kitchen organized around a big central island. Everything about the Country style speaks of comfort, ease, friends and family, and a peaceful accord with life and nature. • Wood siding and details • Large exterior with front or wraparound porch • Gabled roof, dormers on the second floor • Spacious interior, roomy pantry kitchen with island

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