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Coastal House Plans

About these plans

What is a Coastal style house plan? A cousin to the beach house, Coastal-style homes tend to lean toward more traditional designs —Colonial, Craftsman, A-frame—but beefed-up to endure the challenges of a coastal climate. Styles may vary, but there’s no wiggle room on construction. Flood, wind, and corrosion resistant materials are critical to a durable Coastal-style home, with moisture an ever present concern regardless of the structure’s proximity to water. To that end, redwood, cedar, or preservative-treated lumber can withstand the elements while looking great. Same goes for masonry, mortar, and concrete. Sidings, roof, doors and windows need to be tough enough for strong winds. But this is all academic. A well-designed home in this style catches the eye and speaks an important truth: we’re drawn to coastal regions because they possess a profound and inspiring beauty. • Generally traditional designs, but anything is possible • Materials suited to flooding, moisture, and wind • Frequently inverted Beach-style floor plans

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