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Carriage House Plans

About these plans

What are carriage house plans? Carriage Homes, Lane Houses and A.D.U. (Accessory Dwelling Units) House Plans are terms that are interchangeably used. In largely urban centers over the last two decades, growing density and soaring house prices have created the conditions for a phenomenal boom in “accessory dwelling units”. Offering a discrete and private space for renters or family members, these adjuncts to a main property are commonly repurposed from garages or other out-buildings into nifty little carriage-style homes. The colloquially-named Laneway House is often built from the ground up, lending itself to more cutting edge and contemporary designs but at a scale closer to that of the Tiny Home. While these buildings will typically occupy a corner of the backyard, attic and basement conversions are also popular, along with new appendages to the main structure known as “bump out” ADUs. • Smaller, discrete secondary dwelling • Converted from garage or otherwise occupying space in the backyard • Sometimes converted from basement or attic • Occasionally built out from the main structure

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