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Cape Cod House Plans

About these plans

What is a Cape Cod style house plan? One of the signature American homes, these days the Cape Cod style carries a certain romantic charge, defining the white picket-fenced ideal of American myth and lore, as if it sprung from the pages of Mark Twain or Thornton Wilder. The Cape Cod style home enjoyed a fashionable peak in the early 20th century although its roots stretch all the way back to the British colonial settlers of Massachusetts, where its symmetrical design and trim character were first established. Among its distinctive features are a steep roofline with pitched dormer windows, wood siding, sash windows flanking both sides of the front door, and a modest but welcoming porch. For new traditionalists of the 21st century, no style of home offers more aesthetic satisfaction or promises more comfort. • Symmetry and simplicity • Featuring timber and other locally-sourced materials • Gabled roof, shingled, with roofline stretching across width of house • Dormer windows • Sash and multi-paned windows • Central front door

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