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Bungalow House Plans

About these plans

What is a Bungalow style house plan? There are no big secrets or surprises with the Bungalow, just a humble and uncommonly popular style of home imported from Bengal (hence the name), designed to cool the air within through generous cross-ventilation, and adapted to the cost-efficient needs of western suburbanites. Typically, the Bungalow occupied a narrow lot and offered one or one-and-half storys, with an emphasis on open interiors and access to the outside, encouraged through side doors and front and back porches. As it won greater affection, so it grew in size with the addition of more floor space and garages. Today, the Bungalow retains its humble yet versatile charm while presenting the new homeowner with a template onto which any style or aesthetic can be projected. • Typically one or one-and-half storys • Low-pitched gabled roof, deep eaves • Open plan • Front and back porches • Plentiful access to outside/generous airflow

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