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Beach House Plans

About these plans

What is a Beach style house plan? The Beach house often stand atop sturdy pilings or stilts, raised above ground in order to accommodate—you guessed it—the rising tide that may skirt or even surround a waterfront home. These crisp and inviting structures otherwise come in all styles, albeit with a certain regard for clean aesthetics, tons of natural light, open floor plans, and a serene lack of fuss. In a typical beach-style home, wide porches and upper decks yield to panoramic views. A prominent use of wood lends the sense of a special accordance with nature. For newer properties, a pleasing synthesis is achieved between the vastness of the coast and the geometric eccentricities or pristine lines of of the Contemporary or Modern styles. But there’s something forever classic about a more traditionally-styled home, gabled or A-Frame, pared down to meet the simple goal of relieving everyday stress in a waterfront retreat. • Raised on pilings or stilts; built on concrete slabs at higher elevations • Generous natural light • Upper floor living areas, open plan • Wide porches • Simplicity, airiness • Wide range of styles, adapted to coastal living

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