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Art Deco House Plans

About these plans

What is an Art Deco house plan? Following its introduction in 1925, for a decade or so the Parisienne Art Deco style blazed across the arts, design, and architecture worlds, leaving behind an unmistakable record of its jazz-age dominance. Impossible to mistake, flamboyantly proclaiming its influence across such landmark works as Fritz Lang’s 1933 masterpiece Metropolis or the iconic Chrysler Building in New York, Art Deco found a relatively muted expression once it was adopted for residential buildings. Nonetheless, there’s an abiding uniqueness to the smooth, pastel-colored stucco, curved adornments lending striking contrast to rectangular shapes, plate or glass brick windows wrapped around corners beneath flat roofs with parapets. These are the features that still catch the eye today, evoking the excitement of a world in a mad and exotic dance with modernity. • Colorful stucco exteriors • Use of concrete, aluminum, man-made materials • Stepped profile with walls set back from each other • Flat roof, parapets • Curved flourishes adorning rectangular forms • Glass bricks, windows wrapped around corners

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