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Adobe Revival and Pueblo Style House Plans

About these plans

What is a Pueblo or Adobe Revival style house plan? We can sense centuries of American history in the Pueblo or Adobe Revival style. Originally built from mud by the ancestral people of the bone-dry Southwestern states, Pueblo homes appear to grow from the Earth itself; simple stepped structures originally made from adobe, shaped and rounded by hand, with big wooden doors and deep-set windows below a flat roof and a distinctive line of beams (or vigas) jutting from the upper facade, giving the structure a fortress-like appearance. Spanish invaders adopted and developed the style in the 17th century, and it still prevails to this day in New Mexico and Arizona, where it conjures an immediate sense of place. Distinctive, organic, strange; the Pueblo style is one of the very few surviving indigenous forms of American architecture, and certainly the most evocative. • Earthy materials, adobe or stucco exterior • Rounded corners • Large wood doors, deep set windows • Flat roof sitting on protruding beams (vigas) • Open porches and enclosed patios

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