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A Frame House Plans

About these plans

What are A-Frame House Plans? It all begins in 1934 with the appearance of a strange triangular building in California’s Lake Arrowhead mountain resort, courtesy of trailblazing Austrian architect Rudolph Schindler. Within 20 years, the modern but unpretentious A-Frame home had won the hearts of millions, advancing across the rest of North America on a wave of post-war prosperity, growing leisure time, and an affection for the appealing simplicity and cost-effectiveness of its design. At the height of its popularity in the '70s, department stores like Sears and Macy’s were shipping DIY A-Frame kits to customers throughout the continent. Inside its signature towering front and rear gables, the A-Frame’s open-plan interiors, vaulted ceilings, and lofted space promised versatility and a sense of ease, along with a ton of charm. Given its low cost and energy efficiency, the A-Frame, not unexpectedly, is winning a new wave of converts among tiny home enthusiasts and innovative urban home-owners. • Steep front and rear gables, roofline extended to the ground • Deep-set eaves • Open plan interiors and lofted space • Large windows, front and back • Tall stove pipes

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